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About Us

A little bit about us...

Selby Motorcycles is a new business name built upon 20 years of motorcycle mechanics and sales experience. The team running the show have been involved with training people how to ride motorcycles from CBTs to Direct Access courses for so long now that they have that many people asking when they are either selling the bikes they use for the training school, or when they can lend some of their expert mechanical knowledge to help fix the bikes people already have, that they put their heads together and birthed, Selby Motorcycles.

Selby Motorcycles covers everything the motorcycle rider both new and old might ever need:

  • Motorcycle Servicing
  • Motorcycle MOTs
  • Motorcycle MOT Preparation
  • Motorcycle Numberplates
  • Motorcycle Clothing
  • Motorcycle Repairs
  • Motorcycle Parts
  • New Motorcycles
  • Used Motorcycles

and a constant supply of coffee & chat to boot!

Come by our new shop on Station Road, Selby and say hi. We’re a friendly little crew and we love to meet new faces. Whether it is repairs, servicing, parts, looking for a new bike, or just to have a chat, we’re open and promise to keep the kettle hot!

Our Team


Sam is the guy who is fixing your bike up, repairing the damage, making sure your bike is going to pass its MOT next week, making sure your bike is fit for the road and going to give you everything you expect from the bike in terms of performance and safety.

When he is not doing all of that he is the guy that is teaching you to ride the bikes over at Professional Bike Training.


Space is Selby Motorcycles’ assistant mechanic and assistant sales representative owing to his vast knowledge and experience with new and used motorcycles.

Whilst he would thoroughly enjoy taking a more primary role at the shop he carries the responsibility of being the Direct Access qualified Motorcycle Instructor over at our Motorcycle Training School, Professional Biker Training.


Karen is the chief administrative and marketing body for Selby Motorcycles. If you need some friendly advice about motorcycles repairs, purchases, training, or anything else in general then Karen is the person for you.

Drop in and say hi to the team, Karen will be there to make sure you leave with all of your questions answered.

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